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Caleb University First In Nigeria To Resume 2nd Semester Online and On Schedule

Caleb U. News/UTI Caleb University, Africa’s Best Private University in Research and Entrepreneurship Development scored a double when it emerged on last Monday, April 13, as the first Nigerian university to resume on scheduled date and also used the e-learning platform to engage the students amidst the lockdown […]

Freek Vonk appointed endowed professor at VU Amsterdam

UV Amsterdam News The Executive Board of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam has appointed the biologist Freek Vonk as its endowed professor of Evolutionary Biochemistry as of 1 February 2020. This chair has been endowed by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, and is focused on the opportunities offered by natural toxins […]

VU Amsterdam professors’ new protocol for chemists makes more sustainable research possible

VU Amsterdam News A team of theoretical chemists led by Trevor A. Hamlin and Matthias Bickelhaupt from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has published a step-by-step guide on how to perform the activation strain analysis, which will serve as a “recipe for researchers” who want to analyze and understand […]

U Pitt Team’s Replacement Heart Valve Could Decrease Need for Pediatric Surgeries

Pittwire Health/UTI Garrett Coyan speaks on behalf of OneValve at the 2019 Pitt Innovation Challenge in front of a panel of judges and an interested audience. The OneValve team won a $100,000 grand prize from PInCh. (Mike Drazdzinski/University of Pittsburgh) Garrett Coyan sees many patients each week, from […]

University of Florida ranks 15th among public universities with $865 million in 2018 research expenditures

UFNews/UTI The University of Florida’s record $865 million in research expenditures in 2018 placed it 15th among public universities in a national ranking of R&D spending, a new report from the National Science Foundation shows. The statistics are based on NSF’s annual Higher Education Research and Development, or HERD, survey, which compiles […]

Ancient Molecules from the Sea Burst Into the Air From Ocean Waves

Stony Brook University Website/News The discovery helps explain how organic matter produced by life thousands of years ago is ultimately removed from the sea. STONY BROOK, NY, October 23, 2019 – When waves crash in the ocean, they inject tiny particles into the air (called aerosols) that carry organic […]

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