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U. Texas Twin Astronomer Probes ‘DNA’ of Twin Stars to Reveal Family History of the Milky Way

UT News Astronomer Keith Hawkins (left), an assistant professor at UT Austin, is pictured with twin brother Kevin Hawkins. Credit: Rob Hardin AUSTIN, Texas — Twin stars appear to share chemical “DNA” that could help scientists map the history of the Milky Way galaxy, according to new research […]

From UChicago to Nobel: How John Goodenough sparked the wireless revolution

University of Chicago News/Helen Greg Prof. John Goodenough’s invention of the lithium-ion battery has helped power modern electronics, including cell phones, laptop computers and electric cars. Photo courtesy of University of Texas at Austin At age 97, alum and pioneering inventor of the lithium-ion battery to receive Nobel […]

Engineering a nationwide plan to reduce campus food waste, hunger

UF News/UTI      youtube      Video by Brianne Lehan/UF Photography   It happens daily at college campuses around the country: A truck pulls up to a restaurant or dining hall to deliver fresh ingredients. Then another comes to collect and dispose of leftover food — a service […]

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