Mansoura University launches digital app to promote self-learning

By Opeyemi Babalola

In a bid to enhance smooth learning among students of the institution, Mansoura University has launched a self-learning digital platform named ‘Maarf’.

President of Mansoura University, Prof. Ashraf Abdel-Basset, at the launch of the app which took place at the Communications and Information Technology Center (CITC) of the institution, said the platform is the first to be launched by an Egyptian public university and offered a distinguished content which highlights the uniqueness of Mansoura university, due to the exerted efforts by its exceptional teamwork.

On his part, the Manager of CITC, Prof. Sherief Keshk noted that the ‘Maarf’ platform offers a special training content that covers various fields of sciences.

“The fields offered by the platform care for self-learning and offer free training content via internet, under the supervision of a number of professors and experts in different fields, and in collaboration with many private language centers such as: the French Cultural Council, the German House which is accredited by its partner, Goethe Institute, Information technology Center, Digital Training Center, English Language Center for Specific Purposes at the Faculty of Education, University Center for Career Development , Services Center for People with Disabilities, and the Center of Financial and Banking Studies at the Faculty of Commerce,” he added.

Contributing, Deputy Director of CITC center, Prof. John Fayez, also added that the platform offers training courses with high quality.

“The offered content was produced by a special team and was filmed inside the e-learning studio that was prepared to produce an electronic content with high quality, and serves the youths in different fields such as, literal and educational contents, information technology and digital transformation,” he explained.

“Besides, the platform aims to enrich the Arabic content and offers it for a wide group of learners to provide them with the newest and latest information.

“The platform’s fields aim to enhance the computer skills of youth and digital literacy through a variety of lectures that aimed at training in the basics of computer use, as well as teaching different foreign languages for those wishing to master a variety of languages in order to enrich the youth and support the labor market with a group of lectures dealing with various commercial and engineering topics.

“The platform launches a series of medical lectures by a group of medical professors at the Faculty of Medicine and specialized centers at Mansoura University to raise awareness of some chronic diseases and how to prevent them. Besides, the platform offers some specialized lectures to deal with newborns and children and take care of their physical, psychological and educational health in their early formative years, through a set of advice and recommendations of experts with the launch of a series of lectures aimed at training in some different crafts and handicrafts such as, sewing and crochet for those wishing to start their own projects.”

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