University of Pretoria staff back to work after protest over working condition

By Moyosore Salami

The University of Pretoria (UP) Insourced security personnel and food service staff have reached an agreement with the institution after almost two weeks of protests over working conditions and pay.

The staff said, the management ensure them that the process will be finalised within six months adding that they are committed to ensuring that all employees get similar benefits.  

During the meeting held with the management, they promised to investigate the differences in the rate of pay when employees are at work and when they are on leave.

“Parties will engage in a mediation process in good faith and employees who have been on strike would return to work on Monday.

“The parties agreed that the issues relating to the demands for which Academic and Professional Staff Association of (APSA) went on strike have been resolved pending implementation and the strike has been suspended.

“Workers affiliated to APSA alleged they were subjected to unfavourable working conditions and excluded from some benefits, including leave”.

However, the university denied the allegations saying that all working conditions and hours are in line with the relevant legislation.

According to the University of Pretoria spokesperson, Rikus Delport, the benefits and working conditions are more and better than what is required by law and the respective sectors.

He said, the institution agreed that management would ensure employees who went on strike, including Apsa leaders, would not be subjected to victimisation or discrimination.

“On the request for the application of sick leave as spelt out in the UP leave policy, the management team has committed to present the issue at [a meeting] scheduled for February 28 and ask for immediate implementation. Any study leave that remains unpaid will be credited in the form of vacation leave (time off),” he added.

Insourced security personnel and food services during the protest at the University of Pretoria.

Source: Timeslive

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