American University of Nigeria Software Engineering Senior Launches Financial Transaction App

By Moyosore Salami

A software Engineering senior and budding entrepreneur, David Edijala, has launched a Zinger Wallet financial transaction app at AUN campus.

Zinger Wallet is a payment platform that allows businesses receive payments in a reliable, quick, and cheap manner while providing easy management of staff, departments, and customers. At the same time, Zinger gives customers an easy and innovative way of making payments and managing finances.

L-R, Representative of the Provost, Professor Attahir Yusuf, the President Ensign and the developer of Zinger Wallet David Edijala at the launching of the App

The app was developed by Mr. Edijala, CEO of Zinger and Honor Society in January 2021.

The app which was created to address problems with payment methods in Nigeria, especially with cash, bank transfe rs, and POS machines. Also cash transfers require payments to be transferred to the bank, raising security issues and the possibility of human error.

According to the CEO of Zinger Wallet, Edijala, the wallet also provides a speedy payment experience for both business owners and customers which is currently available to the AUN community and will soon be available to many small businesses and shops in Yola.

The President of the American University of Nigeria, Margee Ensign and Edijala both explained that the word “zinger” means an outstanding person or thing, hence the app’s name and was impressed with Edijala’s creativity & innovation, echoing the sentiment of members of the community who cheered the young and articulate innovator-entrepreneur as he explained how Zinger Wallet works.

While praising Edijala, Ensign said “There are a lot of things that struck me about you, your creativity and your desire to be an entrepreneur but then you started talking about AUN, stating that AUN is problem solving community which you’ve captured the AUN mission.”

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The Dean of SBE, Professor Leo Ukpong, who represented the Provost, Professor Attahir Yusuf, was also full of praises for the young developer.

“What you have done is what people call leapfrogging, because some financial service technology we have today is lagging behind. When I heard your presentation, the first competitor I thought of was the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria) with their e-naira and e-wallet, so you jumped to compete with the largest competitor and regulator of that industry” He added.

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