Five universities in the eastern Seoul area gather to share innovation ideas

A colloquium was held to discuss how to improve the educational environment through digital innovation

  • Source: Communications Team /University of South Korea News 
동부권 5개대학 협정

On Friday February 19, 2021, five universities located in the eastern Seoul area—Kyunghee University, Korea University, Sungkyunkwan University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and Hanyang University—signed an innovation sharing and exchange agreement, whose purpose is to improve the quality of contact-free education in the ‘new normal’ we are living through by sharing their innovative digital education content and technologies with one another. The event was held in Tavolo 24 at the JW Marriott Dongdaemun Square Seoul hotel.

On the basis of the agreement, these universities will develop and implement a new model of information-sharing and mutual cooperation by promoting practical exchanges, which will enable them to proactively respond to changes in the global educational landscape, fulfill their mission of equipping people with the resources required by the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and create innovative values.

At the colloquium, the universities presented their innovative practices and results. They also discussed how to learn from each university’s unique values and characteristics in terms of research and educational structures, in mutually complementary ways.

Korea University presented the “KU-Insight Miner” and “KU LIBERTY JUSTICE TRUTH” programs.

“KU-Insight Miner” is a program that offers customized learning plans and curricula to each student by analyzing the data produced on them from their admission to their graduation, so that they can identify their desired career paths in the post-COVID world. “AI Senior,” another AI-based program, recommends courses to current KU students based on an AI that has assimilated years of KU student course registration records. This program has been well received by students.

The “KU LIBERTY JUSTICE TRUTH” program is a combination of flipped classes and tutorials designed for freshmen in order to develop interdisciplinary capabilities. The program was developed over the course of several years of research on educational content and methods, with the aim of improving the academic capabilities of students, professors, and graduate teaching assistants. To offer a better learning environment for students who take this course, Korea University constructed the SK Future Hall.

그밖에 Hanyang University’s real-time multilateral remote learning model “HY-LIVE Education Platform,” Hankuk University of Foreign Studies’ “Ingenium College of Convergence Studies,” Sungkyunkwan University’s “SKKU × K-BioX,” and Kyunghee University’s “SDG-based Social Value Creation Curriculum” and “Social Innovation Living Lab Project” were also introduced at the colloquium.

The five universities plan to establish an innovation support project performance forum as their first step toward formulating specific action plans to realize the mission of equipping students with the skills and the innovative values required in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to share their open education platforms in preparation for the post-COVID-19 New Normal Era, and to improve the educational environment through digital innovation.

At the project performance forum scheduled for June this year, participants will discuss various cases of digital-based educational innovation and the future direction of higher education, and share the achievements of each university’s student-centered innovation support projects.

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