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Peking University to share COVID-19 expertise with Arab countries

Peking University News/APR . 07 2020

Peking University, April 6, 2020: “We will share China’s experience in fighting against COVID-19 with 400 million people from 22 Arab countries,” Professor Ning Qi, dean of PKU School of Foreign Languages (SFL) and executive vice director of PKU Institute of Area Studies (IAS), announced in a symposium on the publication of A Compilation of Literature on Combating COVID-19 (Arabic Version).

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COVID-19 is rampant in the Arab world, with over 9,000 people being infected and 17 Arab nations reporting mortality. Faculty members and students in the Arabic Department of SFL are concerned about the pandemic, so they are eager to share China’s experience in prevention and control with Arab nations. The translation team has chosen the most authoritative literature published in China, including Guidelines for Prevention and Control of COVID-19 (1st to 6th Edition) and Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 (7th Edition), which best represent China’s first-hand experience on the front line. The literature will be included in A Compilation of Literature on Combating COVID-19 (Arabic Version), which will be released to the Arab world.

“It is the mission of PKUers to combat virus, a common enemy of the mankind,” said Wang Bo, vice president of Peking University. “True friendship stands out in difficult times. The translation work highlights the significance of international cooperation in times of adversity and will witness a lasting influence between China and the Arab world.”

“The most daunting challenge lies in translating and integrating medical terms,” said SFL Deputy Dean Professor Fu Zhiming. The medical terms are constantly changing, which entails professional and conscientious dedication. Several foreign experts, including professors from Cairo University, Egypt, University of Carthage, Tunisia and University of Damascus, Syria, were invited to proofread the draft. “We are a multinational team,” said Wu Bingbing, chair professor of Arabic Department, SFL.

The translation work is now in full swing and the book is expected to make its debut in two weeks. More than 300 graduate students and undergraduates in SFL have been offering language services, whether in translation, interpreting or online and offline supportive work. “Through providing language services, we can contribute to the fight against epidemic both at home and abroad, and share our experience with other countries,” said Professor Ning Qi.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Peking University has been exploring new channels of international communication. On March 19, Peking University and Qatar University convened a video conference and founded a joint committee on pandemic prevention and control. On March 26, Peking University Health Science Center and the Medical School of University of Michigan initiated cooperation on fighting against COVID-19. Moreover, Peking University will further promote cooperation on global public health through the Association of Pacific Rim Universities and International Alliance of Research Universities.

Written by: Yu Cong
Edited by: Huang Weijian
Source: PKU News (Chinese)

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