Edson Chipalo — from village to victory, grass to grace

Adson Chipalo recently commented on his LinkedIn profile, telling a story of perseverance, optimism, and God’s grace. Here is his commentary:

Edson Chipalo

I was born in the village in Zambia, grew up in abject poverty, and became an orphan at 8. I was kicked out of school because I couldn’t afford tuition fees, I turned to farming to survive.

Young Edson

I never attended my first two terms of high school, all because of financial constraints (poverty). I hassled throughout my early life with so many rejections and disappointments. However, I had one goal in mind, never to let negativity to sabotage the bright future ahead of me.Edson Chipalo

My journey has been from village to victory, grass to grace, poverty to progress, rejections to receiving.

I hardly knew that a villager like me, without any trace of importance would one day ever leave the confines of my village to travel around the world, coming to America penniless without any relative or close family member, yet I entered college with more than 10 scholarships, debt free, and graduated summa cum laude.Chipalo2

I recently started my Ph.D. on fully funded fellowship etc… None of these milestones of success have been achieved by my own abilities, but by God’s unwavering grace alone. Today, I stand to witness God’s amazing grace in all phases of my life journey.

To those of you who have lost hope, remember this: Be faithful to God and trust Him always, He will take care of you (Jeremiah 29:11).


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