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Securing Internships & the Bag: How Deep Day Impacts DSU Students

 Ayana Nwozo, Delaware State University 

If you are a student in need of an internship, needed to network or just wanted to hear some important advice for your future, then Deep Day is where you should have been this past Tuesday October 22nd.

DeepDay 4

Deep day is an interactive career fair, usually for students within the College of Business here at DSU but now it is slowly branching out to all majors. The lobby of the Bank of America building was decorated and showcased every company that was in attendance on flyers and banners. The quick and efficient check in station provided students with an itinerary of each panel session and its location.

In the Bank of America building here on campus, representatives from elite companies set up and were looking for young scholars to be a part of their businesses. Companies such as HP, M&T Bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co., and Vanguard were all in attendance and were ready to be amazed by what DSU students had to offer. Many of these companies did offer positions in fields like marketing or finance; however, there were some companies that were open to all majors for their internships.

Deep day1

Kristina Felber, a representative from M&T Bank’s HR and campus recruitment department, said “we’re here at Deep day, meeting some really great students who are interested in our programs and internships and we’re excited to reach out to them afterwards and for them to apply.” Felber also expressed that the internship her company was involved in was open to students of all majors, excluding just the major of business.

Not only did Deep Day connect potential employers with students looking into their different fields, but employers from Deep Day passed on vital information. There were over five different career-related sessions that students could attend all through Tuesday morning. Each session had a different topic or central idea on how to help students in the real work field. “The Art of the Interview” and “Identifying Your Purpose” were a few of the panel discussions that were held and given by faculty on campus and employers of specific fields.

Deep Day 2

The panels gave students a chance to hear straight from employers tips and effective advice on how they can take charge diving into the workforce after college.
In addition to informative panel sessions, Deep day included mock interviews for students who needed assistance in making a good impression during an actual job interview. Mock interviews were held by actual employers and representatives of several different fields. They improved students resumes and speech and gave help on the do’s and don’ts of an interview.

If you did not attend Deep Day, do not fear. Deep day occurs here at Delaware State University annually and will be accompanied by different prestigious companies each year. There are also several other opportunities around campus to receive an internship and job positions such as Career Service Career fair, and Mass Com Day.


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